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Everyone can have a

4-5 octave range when you learn

to blend your voice.

Kati's Revolutionary Vocal Technique will increase your range!
Kati-Hendricks Masterclass text.png

With the KHV Masterclass Series...

Your vocal energy will be restored!

This journey is going to light that fire inside of you!

You will find the magical connection you’ve been searching for

to connect you with your voice and your performance!

You will unleash all of the vocal power that has been slumbering inside your heart!

You will train yourself to keep a lazer-sharp focus to stay in control of your voice and performance!

We are going to encourage you to step into every moment so that you can be

and become the very best version of yourself as an artist!

So get ready to celebrate all of the accomplishments you are going to achieve!

Let the journey begin!

Are You Ready To Expand Your Range And Tap Into Your Fullest Vocal Potential ?

Join My Vocal Masterclass Revolution now!


“I met Kati Hendricks 2 years ago when I was still recovering from vocal surgery. I was so lost and unsure if I would ever get my voice back. I lost all confidence in myself as a vocalist, a person and a performer. Singing is my life and when I lost it I didn’t have anywhere to turn, until I met Kati Hendricks. She was like an Angel sent from Heaven. I had a big show coming up and I was so nervous about the show because lots of industry people were attending. Kati started working with me right away and helped me prepare for my big show. I would have never got through that show if it wasn’t for Kati. She has been a life saver in my life and a continuous blessing. My voice is even stronger than it EVER was and I am hitting notes that I could never hit prior to working with Kati! Her technique is one of a kind and it has truly saved my voice.  Thank you so much Kati for changing my life! Love you always!”

- Audra McLaughlin


"Hey everyone! I’m Sharif Iman and I’d like to share how Kati helped my vocal challenges, and also showed me how it’s all connected to emotions and even past and present environment. When we first started working together, she had a gentle way of pushing me past my physical and emotional obstacles, and showed me how I was much more than I had settled for! I am still on the journey with her and I encourage you to give her the chance to change your life!!"

- Sharif Iman


"Working with Kati has been an absolute blessing! I was recently in the market for a new vocal coach but wanted to make sure the coach I worked with was 100% legit and knowledgeable in not only singing but how the body, mind, and vocal cords all work together. As a full time artist, my vocal cords are consistently being used and under pressure; especially when singing 3 to 4 hour shows at a time. I was wanting to work on my breathing technique, relieve the stress/pain in my throat and expand my vocal range. After working with Kati for less than a  month, I noticed amazing improvement immediately and so did several listeners that hear me sing on a regular basis! I truly love working with her because not only does she know what she's doing but she challenges me to be better and makes it fun at the same time. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Kati."


  -Country artist and singer-songwriter- Taylor Hughes


“I loved working with Kati as she prepared me for my Live performances touring Prides and the Denver Nuggets Halftime show, I love her training style, she’s such a sweet loving person and really got me to where I needed to be my best on stage!”

-Davis Mallory

"My voice feels and sounds 100% different. I've been practicing my lessons from Kati on a regular basis and have made tremendous vocal strides.  It's pretty amazing how much my voice has changed in such a short amount of time, and I'm so happy, so relieved, and soooo GRATEFUL!!"

- Janelle Barreto, lead vocalist for the band ROCKET

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