Everyone can have a

4-5 octave range when you learn

to blend your voice.

Kati's Revolutionary Vocal Technique will increase your range!

Are you ready to join us for two days that will transform your voice?

June 8-9th, 2019 - Nashville, Tn
Are you tired of feeling limited by your range

when you know you've got so much more to give?
In This Two Day Vocal Masterclass, 
You'll Make Tremendous Progress...

(And Gain A Skill Set That Will Protect Your Voice For The Rest Of Your Life!!)

Are You Ready To Expand Your Range And Tap Into Your Fullest Vocal Potential ?

Join My Vocal Masterclass Revolution now!


Revolutionary Vocal Technique

Kati and Tara began their journey together in 2014, when Tara began training with Kati as a client. After experiencing Kati’s powerful approach to coaching, and also witnessing her ability to transform the lives of other performers, the dynamic duo decided to team up and share this revolutionary technique with the world.

Together Kati and Tara have developed an innovative, whole-body approach to coaching that ensures the performer will have a strong, healthy voice and will thrive both on and off the stage.


"My voice feels and sounds 100% different. I've been practicing my lessons from Kati on a regular basis and have made tremendous vocal strides.  It's pretty amazing how much my voice has changed in such a short amount of time, and I'm so happy, so relieved, and soooo GRATEFUL!!"

- Janelle Barreto, lead vocalist for the band ROCKET

Oliva Bey

“I was constantly losing my voice after 

a string of shows. Kati's technique increased my range and helped me get through my weekly performances



Nashville TN - Miami FL


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