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Whether you're an accomplished singer wanting some knowledge in certain vocal technique areas or a beginner, THE CRASH COURSE LESSON SERIES is the perfect way to tailor your very own tuition as you need it at an affordable price.

Drop by and visit this page often as we will be uploading new lesson sessions regularly.

If you have a topic you would like Kati to address, send us a message! Contact Here

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Being able to sustain notes, orchestrating octave jumps, glides, riffs, coloration of the voice and sustaining the belting zone, is all achieved and controlled by your air flow and the distribution of the right amount of air to create the blend of the voice... What that means is that you connect your chest, mid and head range so that there is no break in the voice... pretty amazing and possible for everyone!


Whether you are performing for a school talent show, reciting a poem in the classroom, or auditioning for The Voice... you have to learn to connect with everyone, no matter what is going on around you! With Kati's tips in this audio segment, you will own the stage and rock your performance!! 


The mask is what I refer to as the playground for the voice. When you learn to use this area, you can create and blend so many different sounds to stylize your voice... it’s truly an amazing area! It’s also the perfect placement for matching harmonies with other voices, duets, etc. because it allows you to match the power or subtly with your voice!


When you can establish confidence in your voice, you will begin to take strength in your vocal performance and your stage presence… 

Re-training your brain to consistently think positive thoughts will open doors for you and give you amazing power over your life! You must always keep perspective on being a true artist and respected performer/singer. Hard work, motivation and persistence are the keys to success!!


This vocal warm-up exercise will help you increase your vocal stamina, help you sustain those power notes by strengthening your diaphragm, and also train your ear and voice to stay on pitch while holding out notes in any key.


This is a great exercise for working on the correct placement of different vowels. The vowel placement in this exercise will have you singing from the bottom of your range up to the top of your range, with both an open and a closed mouth in order to create same sounds with equal power. 


In this calming meditation session, Kati will gently guide you through a deep breathing and visualization practice that will help quiet your mind, lower your heart rate, and keep you centered and focused before your big audition!

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