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We want to raise bullying awareness on every level! As illustrated in our books, no one (including animals) is exempt, regardless of their age, race or geographic location in the world. 

Lives are lost every minute due to bullying situations. Our goal is to raise this awareness through the arts, as music and dance are universal languages. We hope that you will open your hearts and join us in the fight against bullying! 




Created By Kati Hendricks & Tara Hayes

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  • Making life choices to be better people through behavioral changes 

  • Raising awareness in rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals 

  • Discovering the confidence to stand up in overcoming your fears 

  • The survival of the panda bear and its importance to China 

  • Facing cancer and other serious illnesses through the eyes of a child

  • Supporting and helping friends in their time of need 

  • Learning to never give up and to follow your dreams 

  • Protecting the animal kingdom across the world 

  • Learning to adhere to boundaries and respecting wild animals' habitats 

  • Discovering the importance of eating healthier and maintaining a healthy diet

  • Respecting others personal belongings and returning items that are found 

  • Learning that giving to those less fortunate is a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop character

  • Discovering the beautiful hearts and determination of children with disabilities 

  • Helping to share water with the world in need 

  • Learning to take a break from technology 

  • The importance of understanding adoption and extended families

  • A tribute to one of the world's greatest doctors 

  • Helping children to understand political issues and coming together as one nation 

  • Understanding autism and learning how to communicate 

  • Learning to exercise through fun

  • Understanding when friends want to change their sexual identity 

  • Learning not to judge people by their name, their race, or their religion

  • Learning how hard the mounted police and horses work to keep us safe 

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