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Kati's Vocal Training Boot Camp

will get you in great shape for touring and vocal health. 

“It’s very challenging for me to watch many of the vocal competition shows. I immediately see and hear stress being placed on the vocal cords that will eventually lead to loss of voice and the possibility of surgery…I want to save all of you from that heartache! That is why the blend is so crucial in your vocal technique.”

Kati Hendricks is now bringing her life-changing technique to you!

The program presentation will include increasing your vocal range 3-4 octaves, improving your stage presence, microphone technique, vocal dynamics with emphasis on coloration of voice, sight reading, ear training, diaphragmatic breathing and keeping your voice healthy 24/7.

  • You will have the confidence to sing any song, in any key, without a break in your voice.

  • Our #1 priority is teaching you how to keep your voice healthy and strong 24/7.

  • We teach you the correct placement and breathing techniques, so that you will never strain or lose your voice with Kati’s technique.

  • Everyone can have a 4-5 octave range when you learn to blend your voice.

  • Coloration of the voice…learning how to sell the emotionality of the song you are performing.

  • Improving your stage presence

  • Microphone technique

  • Sight reading

  • Ear training

  • Keep your voice healthy 24/7

2016 Nashville Boot Camp

at the Tracking Room.

Stay tuned for upcoming Boot Camp Dates

In the mean time feel free to leave us a message below if you are interested in having a Boot Camp in your City! 

We will get back to you shortly regarding Kati's Boot Camp

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