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Kati Hendricks' releases single "Love Got Us Through"

Not only is Kati Hendricks a world- class vocal performance coach, she is also a prolific songwriter. Kati began writing "Love Got Us Through" back in 2012 after the tragic shooting event at Sandy Hook. As part of her artist development program, Kati brought one of her clients, Olivia Bey, on board as a writer on the song.

"Love Got Us Through" was Kati's first single released in Nashville. After Geron Davis, songwriter for many artists including Barbara Streisand and Sandi Patti to mention a few, heard the original demo, he jumped on board as one of the writers and arrangers because he believed the song has a global message.

"Love Got Us Through" was eventually recorded by Kati's client Olivia Bey, as well as artist and producer Trae Edwards. Olivia's version was produced by Jimmy Mattingly, Garth Brooks' fiddle player, and also features musicians from Garth Brooks' and Keith Urban's bands. Co-writers on the song include Olivia Bey and New York Times best-selling children's author Laura Duksta.

"Love Got Us Through" has been featured on Fox & Friends, TBN, and numerous radio stations throughout the country.

Although the song was originally written as a tribute for Sandy Hook, it has evolved into a song of hope for anyone in the world who has lost a loved one. As we all know, love is global... and the power of love will always get us through.




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