• Kati Hendricks

Hydrate Your Way To A Healthier Voice!

​Are you keeping your vocal cords hydrated? While you're reading this, grab a bottle of room temperature water and start hydrating right now!

Why room temperature water? (you might ask)… Because cool or cold water can shock the vocal cords… I like to think of it as a day at the beach, where you go in for a swim and the water is cold and you start to shiver… then you come out of the water and sit in the sun and you start to warm up again and can relax and enjoy your day…. The vocal cords react the same way to cold water… It shocks them! So always make sure you are drinking room temperature liquids. Also, hot water isn't good for the cords either… it can actually damage your vocal cords… Drinking lots of water helps to build a hydration system in your body to take care of your vocal cords… It's like the gas pedal for your car…. it drives your voice!

Another great way to make sure your body is properly hydrated is to eat fruits and vegetables high in water content... such as watermelon, cucumber, and celery! Make delicious smoothies or eat them raw... there are many ways to keep your vocal cords hydrated in addition to drinking water!

Also, sugar, sodas, alcohol, coffee, tea and dairy products play havoc with your vocal cords…Remember… healthy body…. healthy voice!

Bon appetite in your journey to healthy vocal cords!



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