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Dropping Your Jaw: An Instant Trick For Opening Up Your Voice!

I want to talk to you about the importance of dropping your jaw!

A lot of things go on when you take the stage… you are usually focusing on two things, your visual image as well as your vocal performance. Now you need to add a third thing... Making sure you are dropping your jaw! If you can make that mental deposit into your brain, you will feel relaxed and enjoy your voice… you’ll be rocking your performance because the freedom you'll feel with your voice will energize you beyond your wildest imagination!

When you drop your jaw, you can control the amount of tension and pressure building up underneath your chin…. If you don’t drop your jaw, you will be pushing from the back of your throat!

Remember, it is your artistic responsibility to put on a great show, vocally as well as visually!

Have fun with it!




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