• Kati Hendricks

Your Voice Is The Expression of Everything That You Are!

If you already know the power of Gods love, then you know His ability to help and guide you through difficult times and help you to achieve your dreams and goals... I'm not just talking about blessings for your voice but also for your life... your voice is the expression of everything you are... your heart and soul are exposed in your voice... I always start my day in prayer and continue to give thanks to Him throughout the day... Always look for ways to help a stray animal or someone in need (I keep cat and dog food in my trunk at all times as well as blankets) I learned this from my Dad...

A beautiful story unfolded before me the other day that I want to share with ya'll... I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day... when an elderly woman was trying to pay for her food and her card was declined. She had cat food and just basics for herself but you could see the panic in her face... I was on my way to pay for her groceries when a young man walked ahead of me, up to the cash register and handed the cashier his card! She hugged him with all her might and started praising Jesus out loud and telling him how she will never forget this day! Angels aren't always in Heaven... often, you'll find them right here on earth... Always be kind to yourself and others... and walk with the Angels... Blessings to all of you!



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